Accova, your specialist in bookkeeping and accountancy

Standard bookkeeping

At Accova your account is assigned to one and the same staff member making sure you have an initial point of contact who processes your accounting papers and answers any questions. Accova help you out with:

  • processing accounting papers from start to finish
  • submitting tax return
  • drawing up annual account and mandatory documents
  • drawing up reports of governing board and general meeting
  • tailor-made reporting
  • discussing and analysing results
  • publishing in the Belgian Official Journal
  • tax optimisation of your bookkeeping
  • any administrative formalities, e.g. enrolment at the ‘KBO’ (central databank of companies), preparing statutes

Extensive bookkeeping service

At Accova we have more to offer than a mere regular bookkeeping service. You can also count on us when:

  • drawing up budgets
  • setting up your analytical accounting
  • drawing up summary charts that management builds on when making decisions
  • coaching and selecting accounting staff and financial directors
  • negotiating with banks, credit and venture capital providers
  • feasibility study of planned investments

Specific, specialised bookkeeping

At Accova we have a tremendous amount of in-house knowledge and knowhow at our disposal and can therefore be of perfect help to you in the following:

  • drawing up a financial plan when setting up a business. Accova can give thorough advice for starters
  • conversion, merger, split-up or liquidation
  • valuation
  • guidance when restructuring a business


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