Efficient legal advice

National and international legislation

At Accova all national and international new legislation that can be of interest to you, is scrutinised so we can look after your legal interests with excellent results.

A variety of domains: from corporate to tax law

With our legal specialists, both in-house and beyond, we can cater for you in various ways:

  • corporate law
  • contract law
  • employment legislation
  • bankruptcy law
  • WCO
  • tax law


Accova provide guidance on drawing up commercial, civil, legal contracts for companies amongst others.

From legal entity to dissolution

Accova offer legal support during your company’s life cycle or as a self-employed person:

  • determining the most suitable legal form: sole trader, ltd, plc, etc.
  • communicating with the notary for setting up your company
  • preparing amendments to your statutes
  • appointment, re-appointment and dismissal of managing directors and board of directors published in your country’s Official Journal
  • company conversion, partners’ control rights etc.
  • legal guidance on restructuring companies, in case of early dissolution and the closing down of your business.


We are at your disposal with top legal advice.

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