Our team: top of the bill!

Accounting specialists and legal experts

Accova was founded in 1988 by Rik Vanhaeren. By then he had already completed a successful career as an inspector at the Ministry of Finance. Fully convinced, he went for the uncertain career that a first-time independent person faces. Eventually, it turned out to be an enormous plus that Rik is thoroughly familiar with both sides of the fiscal coin and internal administration.

Steady growth in accounts and staff

Over the years Accova has seen a steady growth in accounts, staff and profitability., Today we are proud to have a devoted team of 14 people, who are all a specialist in their field. 80% have a higher education or university degree and are an IAB (Instituut van de accountants en belastingconsulanten)or BIBF (Beroepsinstituut van erkende boekhouders en fiscalisten) member. They take at least one mandatory, complementary course a year.

Today it is not just Rik Vanhaeren who is at the helm of Accova. His son, Toon Vanhaeren, a legal expert and tax adviser has been a manager for a number of years now. As an office manager, Hugo Bellemans vouches for the day-to-day business as well.

Our vision and approach

The best solutions for you are always at the back of our minds:

  • an account manager for every client: that way you have a SPOC at all times for your bookkeeping to be processed and for any questions
  • at Accova we are permanently into double-checking, reducing margin of error or even almost excluding it
  • various types of cooperation are possible
  • invoicing based on fixed price agreements or an hourly rate
  • we get you a complete, detailed report and accurate time registration of the work we do for you