Rik Vanhaeren, Manager

Rik VanhaerenRik Vanhaeren started studying at the University of Leuven in 1973 and obtained his master’s degree in applied economic sciences in 1977. After graduation he worked as an inspector at the Ministry of Finance, first in VAT Administration and subsequently in Direct Taxes, where he was responsible for tax investigation in medium-sized and large corporations.
After 8 years he felt inclined to become self-employed. He traded a secure position in for the uncertainty of an independent accountant for self-employed people and liberal professions. That way he continued family tradition.
Rik Vanhaeren is a chartered accountant and tax advisor at the “Instituut van Accountants en Belastingconsulenten” (Institute of Accountants and Tax Advisors) and the “Beroepsinstituut van Erkende Boekhouders en Fiscalisten” (Professional Institute of Accountants and Tax Advisors).
He is also a member of several legally recognized professional associations, e.g. the “BAB Antwerpen” (Antwerp Professional Association of Accountants and Tax Advisors) and the “MAB Mechelen”.